EMEET to Showcase the Work-Life-Balanced Open-Ear Earbuds at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- EMEET, a global leader in video and audio technology, is thrilled to announce that it's all set to unveil its latest open-ear earbuds, the EMEET AirFlow at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This revolutionary earbuds is perhaps by far the most comprehensive one in the open-ear earbuds market, taking both work and life into consideration with its unquine detachable microphone design that allows users to switch between different scenarios.

Comfortable Open-Ear Design

With the unobtrusive open-ear design, a lightweight of 8.5 gram per earbud and the skin-friendly coating, the EMEET AirFlow gives users a gently light touch on ears for optimized comfort. The ergonomic design of the earhook that has been tested for over 2560 types of ear shapes offers a comfortable and secure fit, with a pair of stabilizer fins to better fit with various shapes.

The Standout Detachable Microphone

What makes the EMEET AirFlow stand out in the open-ear earbuds market lies exactly on its characteristic detachable microphone that can be plugged into both sides of the earbuds, which tremendously improve the voice pickup effect during voice calls. With EMEET's exclusive VoiceCore noise cancellation algorithm that enables dual-channel noise cancellation up to 50dB, it provides distraction-free online conversation experience even in noisy environments such as open offices or on the road.

Something Special in the Case

An intriguing feature of the EMEET AirFlow doesn't lie in the earbuds themselves but in the charging case. With UV light within the case, it enables 99.9% sterilization of commonly seen bacteria like colibacillus and staphylococcus aureus breed on the earbuds, refreshing every wearing experience and caring for your ear health.

Powerful Bass Performance

Though EMEET AirFlow focuses more on callling experience, when it comes to the audio performance for listening to music, it still delivers an exceptional performance thanks to the EMEET exclusive HyperBass bass boost algorithm and a 16.2mm dynamic driver.

In Conclusion

The EMEET AirFlow is bound to make some waves in the open-ear earbuds market with such competitive features and an unbeatable price. Besides, EMEET is also going to showcase their wireless live streaming cameras, the EMEET StreamCam One and the EMEET Meeting Capsule series for hybrid collaborations at CES 2024. If this is something you'd like to get hands on, remember to visit EMEET at booth #22836 from Jan.9th to 12th at LVCC, central hall. EMEET is also going to Barcelona for ISE2024 from Jan.30 to Feb 2nd, in which you can also take a closer look at EMEET innovative audio & video products and solutions.

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