EMEET Smartcam c980 Pro unboxing setup and 1080p video samples


 Author: Shiny Tech Things


Today we have a brand new EMEET C980 Pro webcam with speakers. It's a pretty cool product with a much more powerful speaker than on most consumer and business laptops. It has a nice image, but check out the video review for more details and what to expect.

Main Features

  • Unboxing

    It contains a C980 Pro webcam, a carrying bag, a safety guide, and a user manual.

  • Cable Length

    It is a little more than six feet long and it has a little protector on the USB end itself.

  • Microphone Test

    I used different microphones to record sound for comparison, EMEET C980 Pro is suitable for office noise, or reverberation room, outdoor, etc. It can suppress these background noises.

  • Speaker Test

    I play the sound at different distances and use different speakers for comparison, the sound of the EMEET C980 Pro is loud and clear.

  • Image Test

    I compared the C980 Pro with other webcams and found that the C980 Pro handles exposure better. You can also use EMEETLINK for parameter adjustment.

EMEET C980 Pro

C980 Pro is a one-stop webcam distinctively equipped with built-in 4 professional microphones and 2 speakers. Chip-level low-power tech ensures its stability under multiple scenarios.

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