EMEET GeniusCall HS80

Wireless On-Ear Headset with Charging Base and Super ENC

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  • Superior ENC achieves intelligent noise reduction
  • Adjustable headband, artificial protein leather ear cups, and weighs 175g
  • 270° rotatable microphone, switch between left and right ear cups
  • Flip to mute the microphone or click the mute button
  • Plug-and-play USB, multi-point Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth adapter
  • Ultra-long 46-hour working time or 70-hour playing time
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EMEET GeniusCall HS80

EMEET GeniusCall HS80

Wireless On-Ear Headset with Charging Base and Super ENC

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EMEET GeniusCall HS80

EMEET GeniusCall HS80

USD $77.99
User Manual

Light as a Feather, Quiet Beyond Expectations

Lightweight ergonomic wireless headset with super ENC and noise reduction technology provide ultimate sound quality. The 270° rotatable boom arm supports bilateral wearing. Bluetooth 5.2 and ultra-long battery life of 50 hours provide a boundless communication experience.

Like Air Around Your Ears

We perfect the wearing experience through continuous research on the distinction of different headshapes, ensuring wearing comfort for everyone. With a net weight of 175g, it provides comfortable all-day wearing experience.
  • Detached headband design, together with the telescoping adjustment on both sides makes sure the headset fit like a glove.
  • Ergnormic earcups made by memory foam and artificial protein provides more-than-good-enough comfort with cotton-soft touch and the just-right pressure.

Independent Space, Worry-Free Noise Cancellation

Efficient ENC noise reduction algorithm and 3 high-quality noise-cancelling microphones keep your environment quiet and allow you to focus on work and life.

Free Switching, Smooth Communication

The talk boom adopts a design that can rotate 270° and detect orientation, enabling left and right channel switching. It can be worn on either ear without worrying about wearing orientation. This allows for more seamless communication during phone calls.
270° Mic Rotation

Flexible Connection, Enjoy Freedom

You can connect it to your device via USB cable, Bluetooth 5.2, or 2.4G USB wireless adapter. Whether it is a wired or wireless connection, it can provide extremely high reliability and excellent call quality.
With Bluetooth dual connectivity, you can simultaneously connect to your phone and laptop, allowing for easy switching and multitasking.
A week of battery life, a week of worry-free use
This wireless headset uses advanced battery efficiency technology and high-performance chips, providing up to 70 hours of playing time and 300 hours of standby time when fully charged.

Careful Guardianship, Ensuring Your Undivided Attention

Whether you are on a call or attending a meeting, the busy light on the headset will automatically activate. Therefore, no matter what you want to focus on, the busy indicator light can let others know that you are busy and not to disturb, improving your work efficiency and communication convenience.




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EMEET GeniusCall HS80

EMEET GeniusCall HS80

Wireless On-Ear Headset with Charging Base and Super ENC

How to turn on/off the device?

Press and hold the power/Bluetooth button for 2 seconds to turn on the device.

Press and hold the button for another 2 seconds to turn off thhe device

Charge the device

To charge the headset, connect the charging base to a power source through a USB cable, then place the headset on the charging base.

Connect the headset to a power source through a USB cable. The power indicator blinks green during charging and turns off when the headset is fully charged.

How to mute the microphone of the device?

1. Rotate the microphone boom

You can wear the headset with the boom on either side (left or right). Pull the boom to the bottom to switch between the left and right channels.

When using the headset during a call, rotate the microphone boom to mute/unmute it.

2. Press the mute button

Short press this button to mute the device, and unmute it by pressing this button again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michelle H.
Great wireless headset

I really like how I can move around without a cord. My job gave me a corded one and it is very limiting, even when trying to reach for things at your desk. The video they provide with the description was very helpful. Its nice to see the step by step instruction and the many ways to use it. The headset it comfortable, and doesn't squish my face. I was told, people could hear me clearly and I could hear them back clearly.

High quality and comfortable headset.

I love my EMEET Wireless Headset! It has amazing sound quality, noise cancellation, and battery life. I use it for work, gaming, and listening to music. It's so comfortable and lightweight, I barely notice it on my head. The microphone is clear and crisp, and the Bluetooth connection is stable and fast. It's also very easy to pair with multiple devices. The EMEET Wireless Headset is one of the best headset I've ever owned, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great wireless headset.

Eric S.
Excellent headset for video conference calls

This is a very nice headset for home or work. It's comfortable to wear and connects easily to a windows PC using the included USB dongle. Latency is very low if any, and you could probably use these for gaming if needed. The microphone swings down and works well, and it does a pretty good job of canceling out any background noise when talking.

The battery lasts a long time but I never have had it run out because the charging base is so convenient to use. When you aren't using the headset, you just set it on the dock and it's always ready to go. Even when not docked, it easily lasts an entire work day so battery is not an issue with these.

The headset has a nice look to it and it has a good quality feel, it seems like a much more expensive headset to me. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who does a lot of voice calls on their computer and prefers to have 2 earphones instead of one. No complaints at all, it was easy to set up and use and I use this set almost every day while working.

Joel M.
Beats my old Plantronics Savi in every way!

I was looking for an upgrade for my old Plantronics Savi headset which I've had maybe 4-5 years. It was probably a $300 headset or so (work bought it). At first, I thought it was great because it could handle a desktop phone, computer, and bluetooth all in one. Well, I don't use the desktop phone anymore because I'm remote.

Here were some problems with my old headset:
1. Battery life - Even though I had replaced the original battery, I still had issues making it through a day of calls.
2. Software compatibility - Switching back and forth between Teams calls and Zoom calls, the Savi would turn itself on and off when I flipped it on, and would disconnect me from the call! I had to remember to make sure the green light was on on the base *before* joining calls.
3. Base tethered to laptop - If I wanted to use my headset, the I had to have my laptop docked. Even for bluetooth I had to stay in range of the headset dock in my office.

This headset solves all those problems for me, and seems to have a good voice cancelling feature as well.
I took a call in the car today, and folks on the call couldn't tell. I did not perform a test isolating the headset's noise cancelling from the software noise cancelling, however, so I can't necessarily give this headset 100% of the credit!

While I lose out on the desk phone option, it is not a problem for me. The headset is dead easy to pair - Just plug the dongle into the computer, turn it on, and it will tell you that "1 bluetooth device connected." You can pair your phone as well, which worked first time on my iPhone. Just double tap the on button to enter pairing mode. "2nd bluetooth device connected."

Now I'm all set - I don't have to worry whether using my phone or my computer to take calls, they are both connected and work well with the software (it autodetected in both Zoom and Microsoft Teams).

Finally, there's a handy mute button right on the boom mic, with a red light that indicates to others when you are on mute (if my wife or kids need to pop in and ask me a question while I'm on a call, for example).

Overall, I feel this headset performs above its price point, and it solved all the issues with my old headset. Now, I've got a battery that lasts all day, a headset designed in the current 'Zoom' era for software compatibility, and, while I did not lose the convenience of a charging base, my headset it no longer "tethered" to the base - I can head off with laptop in hand and know that it will always be connected with the little dongle. Note - I don't have to use the dongle, I could just connect via bluetooth with my laptop, but I like the assurance of the hardware level compatible pairing so I know I won't have to switch back and forth between pairing with my phone and my computer, or the two getting confused which is primary.

Easy pairing

I try to use tools that will improve my productivity and a comfortable set of headphones I can wear for extended periods and that people can hear me on while moving about does that for me.

This headphone set connects via RF transmitter or bluetooth. No issues with the bluetooth connection for 2 devices simultaneously, my MacBook and my iPhone. The mic swings so that you can wear it on either side. The volume controls are easy to feel and operate. The noise cancellation was decent and they were comfortable for several hours at a time. The sound was clear and people heard me clearly. The volume could have been slightly louder at the max, but was loud enough for most situations. The charging base is convenient and easy to use and I had no issues with battery life. No obvious manufacturing defects and the set is priced fairly competitively with similar headsets.


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