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EMEET OfficeCore Luna (2 Pack with Daisy Chain)

EMEET OfficeCore Luna(2 Pack with Daisy Chain)are professional portable speakerphones with high equality and affordable price.

  • 360° Voice Hunter

    Multiple highly sensitive microphone arrays ensure 360° sound pickup. By this, you can get up and have a cup of coffee during a meeting without worrying about the sound being missed.
  • VoiceIA® Intelligent Noise Cancellation

    With the patented VoiceIA® DSP algorithm, it can enhance the vocal sound, reduce ambient sound noises, and cancel echo, thus transmitting clear human voices.
  • Smooth 2-Way Audio

    Professional full-duplex technology achieves professional two-way conversation, so the sound of two ends can speak at the same time without interruptions, delay or loss, like a face-to-face conversation; Enhanced 85 dB speaker offers clearer sound, even in some larger spaces.
  • Easy to Use

    Plug and play for more convenience.Multi-connection methods for more choices.Universal compatibility for professional conference services.
  • Portability

    Whether on business or travel, you can start meetings anytime or anywhere thanks to its easy-carrying size.
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EMEET OfficeCore Luna (2 Pack with Daisy Chain)

EMEET OfficeCore Luna (2 Pack with Daisy Chain)

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Wireless Speakerphone | Luna

 Voice Hunter

VoiceIA® for noise reduction and speech enhancement. Locate and identify the origins of the speaker's voice. Automatically adjust the volume to achieve self-volume balance and provide a smooth and crystal-clear sound.
360 Degree Voice Hunter | Luna

 Professional Full-Duplex Technology

When you are talking face-to-face, can you two hear your voices? If you can, then it should be the same when you’re in online meetings. Professional full-duplex technology achieves perfect two-way conversation, and the voice of two ends is flowing at the same time without delay or loss.
Full Duplex Talk | Luna

 Double Up

Two Luna devices can double up through a daisy chain cable. Supports meetings of 8 to 16 participants for seamless collaboration when doubling up, which can expand the meeting space, and multilateral collaboration.
Cascading Function | Luna


Exquisite and compact, it is very easy to carry. Thus, you can save more space when you're on business trips, and start meetings anytime and anywhere.
Exquisite and Compact | Luna

 High Compatibility

Compatible with multiple platforms, it provides high-quality professional conference services for users of various conference platforms.
High Compatibility | Luna
  • USB Dongle Connection | Luna

    Plug and Play

    No drivers are required. The professional meeting starts instantly after a fast connection, which can save more time.

  • Mute Function | Luna

    One-click Mute Button

    Touch the button to mute. The indicator light will remind you whether you’re in mute or not. Protect your privacy in the whole meeting.

  • Multiple Connection | Luna

    Multiple Connection Ways

    Supports Bluetooth, USB, Dongle and other connection methods. It is convenient for you to hold a meeting at will.


Model Luna (2 Pack with Daisy Chain) Luna Lite (2 Pack with Daisy Chain) Luna

Meeting with

8-16 people 8-16 people 1-8 people


2*3 Mics Array 2*3 Mics Array 3 Mics Array

Speaker output

2*3W/85dB 2*3W/85dB 3W/85dB

Connection mode

USB/Bluetooth/AUX USB/Bluetooth/AUX USB/Bluetooth/AUX

Dasiy chain



1.How to connect the EMEET Luna via Bluetooth?


Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your mobile device.

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speakerphone for 2 seconds to enter pairing mode. In the mode, the status indicator turns blue and flashes.

Enter the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device, then select EMEET Luna from the available devices list. When it is connected successfully, the device status indicator turns steady blue.


Short press the Bluetooth button on the EMEET Luna, the device status indicator will turn white.

Long press the Bluetooth button on the EMEET Luna, the device status indicator turns blue and flashes.


When the device is turned on, the Bluetooth will be reconnected to your mobile device(the last connected device) automatically.

2.How to turn on the VoiceIA function of EMEET Luna?

Short press the VoiceIA button, the function will be turned on/off.

When it turns on/off, there will be a prompt tone (VoiceIA ON, VoiceIA OFF) to remind you.

Note: When you make a call at wireless state, there will be no prompt tone.

3.How to use the daisy chain(Cascade Function)?

Use a daisy chain cable to connect the OUT/LINK ports of each device.

1.USB Connection + Daisy chain:

Source light of the device shows green under the USB connection.

Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

2.Bluetooth Connection + Daisy chain:

Source light of the device shows blue under Bluetooth connection.

Source light of the device shows ice blue when Daisy chains another device.

Note: Microphone Mute button、Volume "+" "-" button、Voice IA button can be synchronized while cascading.

It’s an extension of a mono speaker and microphone to improve the range, not stereo.

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