Video Conferencing Equipment: The All-in-One Conference Camera Guide

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In recent years, with the popularization of video conferencing, the application of video conferencing systems in enterprises is also increasing. For example, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other companies have integrated video conferencing systems into Microsoft's conference management system.Currently, in the field of e-commerce in China, video conferencing is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more consumers and enterprises have put forward higher requirements for video conferencing. In addition to corporate customers and government customers who need video conference equipment, individual customers also need video conference equipment. So for individual customers, what kind of video conference equipment can meet their needs? For individual customers, it is necessary to support multi-person video conferencing and high-definition video conferencing; it can support high-definition video conferencing in multi-person real-time video conferencing; at the same time, enterprise customers also need to support high-definition video conferencing.

All-in-one conference camera

An all-in-one conference camera includes a HD camera, microphone, and speakerphone. As you only need to set up one piece of conference equipment, you can save time and be more accessible when conducting video conferences.

360 Degree Conference Camera - 360 Degree Functionality

360-degree function 360-degree panoramic camera refers to the ability to monitor the space in 360 degrees and forms a three-dimensional stereo image through real-time information collection. The 360-degree panoramic camera is a modern security product that integrates video image acquisition, storage, processing, display, and transmission and is used in many industries. The 360-degree depth-of-field camera can project information such as faces, objects, buildings, etc., to the ceiling, wall, etc. through the rotation angle and can be viewed directly on the screen; it supports automatic scene recognition (including in the conference room and nearby), intelligent snapshot screen.

Wide-Angle Conference Camera - Full Visual of the Room

Wide-angle cameras are a new generation of intelligent devices developed based on high-definition video surveillance equipment. In the field of video surveillance, panoramic cameras have apparent advantages. Among many high-definition cameras, choosing a panoramic camera with superior performance can significantly improve the system's video surveillance effect and clarity. You can widely use it because it has extensive application prospects and significant advantages in the application process. If you have a wide-angle conference camera and use it for conference supervision, it will significantly improve the efficiency of your conference and the quality of your meeting.

Conference Camera Auto Tracking - Highlight Active Participants

This function can timely and effectively perform face recognition on the active participant when a face appears on the camera at the conference site. Install a face recognition and detection module on the intelligent camera. The face detection module mainly recognizes and detects through face images to automatically capture face photos. The face detection module automatically detects and captures photos while recognizing the face of the detected person. Using the conference camera at the company meeting venue , you can automatically see the face of the detected person.

Voice Tracking Conference Camera - Optimized Voice Pickup

Extract and optimize the voice pickup algorithm (referred to as "DSP algorithm VoiceIA") for video in live conference broadcasts. When using the "DSP algorithm VoiceIA" for acquisition. We generally choose to convert compressed data packets into real-time recording effects as a commonly used microphone pickup method for conference video recording so that the voice signals collected by the camera can maintain the original effect to the greatest extent and at the same time make the conference sound change. It must be straightforward to identify and pick up.

Voice Enhancement & Full Duplex

Voice enhancement is a process of multi-information fusion, and voice enhancement is usually performed through voice enhancement. Voice enhancement in the acoustic system is like human voice, which can be enhanced at multiple levels; audio signals can be multi-dimensionally enhanced by sound. There are mainly the following methods based on voice enhancement: one is full-duplex ; the other is improved multimodal; that is, it has both speech enhancement and full-duplex capabilities, and it can complete multiple levels and complexities at the same time. The last one is enhanced multimodal; that is, it can simultaneously achieve speech enhancement and full-duplex capability.

Software Compatibility & Adaptability - Conference Camera for Teams & Zoom

The most popular video conferencing software currently available on the market are Zoom Meeting & Microsoft Teams. Many global enterprises use these two conferencing software when conducting hybrid meetings or conference calls. Therefore, when selecting a video conferencing camera, you should consider the compatibility of the conference equipment. Although there is a lot of video conferencing equipment compatible with Zoom or Teams, if those software companies do not verify the product, then some of the exclusive functions may not be available due to the adaptability.

Nevertheless, the EMEET Meeting Capsule has compatibility & adaptability with the Zoom Meetings conference camera and Microsoft teams conference camera. Because not only is the Meeting Capsule a verified conference camera by Zoom and Teams, but also the Meeting Capsule has unique specifications that stand out from other products on the market.

Price of All-In-One Conference Camera

The price of an all-in-one conference camera can go from hundreds dollars to thousands. It is popular among consumers for its high-definition image quality, high-cost performance, and robust video storage capacity. However, the camera's price does not necessarily mean the quality of the camera. There are still a lot of cost-effective video conferencing cameras available on the market. For example, the EMEET Meeting Capsule is an excellent cost-effective product, as the price of the Meeting Capsule is particularly reasonable and the quality can compete with the high priced product.

Suppose you are looking for a conferencing camera that you can use in large conference meetings. In that case, you could try the combination package of EMEET Meeting Capsule + EMEET OfficeCore M3 speakerphone, which will just cost a little extra on your budget. You are adding a speakerphone to the Meeting Capsule, allowing the meeting size from 6~8 people to 12~14 people.


In summary, video conferencing is one of the fastest-growing communication technologies in today's digital age. Many organizations use video conferencing to connect to remote locations. The all-in-one conference camera allows for real-time video conferencing between different devices. Conference camera equipment is ideal for significant group events with many participants. There are many other brands of video conferencing equipment available in the market, and the price difference between them. You can select a suitable video conferencing camera based on your needs and budget. You don't need to purchase a pricey product for excellent quality; other low-price video conferencing cameras have the same rate.

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