360 A.I. Webcam for Video Conference - EMEET Meeting Capsule


 Author: Danny Black


If you have a business and a team that relies on video conference calls with clients or with the boss… You should check this video conference webcam.. EMEET Meeting Capsule.

Main Features

  • Plug and play

    There is no driver software needed to install.

  • Strong compatibility

    It's compatible with any mainstream meeting platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.

  • Remote control

    It's a nice addition if you can't conveniently hit the button on the capsule.

  • 8 noise cancelling Mics

    There are 8 omnidirectional microphones with noise reduction algorithms which will pick up voice from any direction and it filters out background noise

  • Full Duplex

    The full duplex enables our whole team to be able to talk and also hear the other side of the conversation.


EMEET Meeting Capsule

EMEET Meeting Capsule is a 360° conference camera that offers face-to-face quality experience for group-to-group(one) remote meetings.

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