EMEET Launches True Wireless Live Streaming Camera, EMEET StreamCam One

SPOKANE, Wash., April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- At the start of 2023, EMEET previewed its first-ever self-created streaming camera, the EMEET StreamCam One, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Now EMEET, as a global leader in professional audio and video conferencing solutions, is proud to announce the launch of EMEET StreamCam One. This self-created streaming camera has been designed for both personal and enterprise users. This product offers high-quality video and audio, multiple features, and easy-to-use operation.

The StreamCam One is the latest wireless network camera they have launched, which represents an innovation in the field. With this product, users can take advantage of its multi-camera support, high-quality audio, support for multiple platforms, user-friendly operation, and quality assurance.

Revolutionize Your Live-Streaming Style

Their vision is to provide high-quality and multifunctional tools, and EMEET StreamCam One helps you on your online live stream journey. Improve your live streaming experience with the innovative design of EMEET StreamCam One, which has won the Red Dot Design Award. The design of StreamCam One meets the demands of modern live streaming and offers multiple features to enhance user experience. This multifunctional camera has a Sony 1/2.8 sensor, HDR support, and 1080P30FPS, providing clear and smooth images. Furthermore, StreamCam One can connect to three devices simultaneously, offering diversified viewing angles to meet users' professional live-streaming needs, which supplies to users that are looking for a self-audience perspective.

Simple Operation

StreamCam One is portable and has a large capacity 8-hour battery that enables the camera to support long hours of live streaming. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems and supports dual WIFI and Ethernet connections. It is effortless to operate and requires no complicated setup; even users who have never used similar products can easily get started.

Tremendous Quality

Get a 10/10 quality effect with StreamCam One, which has outstanding image quality, using Sony 1/2.8" sensor and mainstream 1080P30FPS, supporting HDR video and photo shooting. Immerse yourself in detail and high-quality video, bringing a stunning effect to your live streams, personal creations, and other occasions. With the two built-in microphones within the camera, there is also a magnetic Bluetooth portable microphone which is able to pick up audio up to 10 metres away from the camera.

Expand Your Angles

EMEET StreamCam One also has other unique features, such as the ability to link three identical devices, stream to four platforms simultaneously with one click, customizable editing, and support for various storage specifications such as micro-SD cards or local storage. Moreover, it is compatible with multiple platforms supporting RTMP protocols, such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Zoom, and Teams. It provides more versatility and friendliness to content creators, live streamers, or any users who require a better audio and visual experience.

Cater to Market Demand

EMEET understands the market demand for high-quality network cameras for live streaming. EMEET StreamCam One is designed to meet these needs and is an affordable professional tool for the public. It is very reasonable compared to other live-streaming cameras on the market and meets the demand for high-quality, ultra-crystal-clear audio and video effects. EMEET's customer support team is always ready to help solve any problems. Additionally, EMEET company insists on 100% control over the product production chain, ensuring user quality assurance. From beauty live streaming, online tutorials, and outdoor activities to cooking, StreamCam One can provide a professional live streaming process, meeting users' demands for minimal equipment and software.

Overall, the EMEET StreamCam One is a revolutionary wireless network camera suitable for a wide range of applications. Users can fully meet their high-quality audio and video needs with this product and also enjoy additional features and ease of use beyond basic functions. If you need a high-quality wireless network camera, the StreamCam One is worth considering.

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