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It is another annual Christmas. As a family, we must not miss it, exchanging gifts, blessings, and hope that family and friends can spend this festival happily. An excellent Video conferencing device is suitable as a Christmas gift, especially as major companies have begun adopting a remote office model. Video conferencing equipment must be indispensable as an important meeting place in the family. For daily use at home, video conferencing can bring a better experience and a bridge for family members to communicate.

Why Choose Video Conference Equipment?

In recent years, the concept of telecommuting has become very popular. It appeared as early as the 1990s, but during SARS in 2003, people adopted the telecommuting mode on a large scale. The epidemic may have caused many companies to change their models. There are many particular circumstances this year, and many companies have adopted a remote office model. Therefore, choosing video conferencing equipment as a Christmas gift would give them good use.

Christmas Gift for Employers

The boss uses conference equipment, which is different from the ordinary conference scene. In addition to the size of the enterprise, the operating conditions, and the formulation of strategic policies, the company's management philosophy is also very different. The boss is more inclined toward developing the corporate team, and organising activities within the company is essential. For example, if you want to hold a specific meeting, it must be good to have more people in the meeting! However, the boss usually needs more time to configure the conference equipment scientifically due to the busy work.

Also, Employers often need to hold meetings with different customers or internally. It is decent to give video conference equipment, and the other party can use it. Also, many employers need large conference equipment for the strategic deployment and development of the company. Therefore, consider the quality of the conferencing equipment when selecting a gift for your boss. In addition, you should consider that your boss may attend different types of online meetings, such as hybrid meetings, board meetings and private 1-to-1 meetings. In this case, you would need to find conference equipment to meet all those needs.

EMEET Meeting Capsule

The EMEET Meeting Capsule is a 360° Video Conference device suitable for the majority of conference meeting scenarios, as the Meeting Capsule has five different video modes. Therefore, employers can use the Meeting Capsule for various video conferences. For example, when you conduct a hybrid meeting with the clients, the collaboration mode will provide a panoramic view of the entire meeting room. With facial recognition, the Meeting capsule will automatically focus on the present speaker. Therefore, the clients can hear and see clearly who is speaking and the information that has been said. Furthermore, the Meeting Capsule has four other modes: speech, classic, spotlight, and in-private. You can select different types of modes based on your needs.

Nevertheless, choosing a Christmas gift for your boss, the Meeting Capsule would be the most recommended product, and your boss can use it daily.

Christmas Gifts for Family & Friends

Our biggest social event is to enjoy Christmas time with friends and family. So, if you want a well-planned gift and have a great memory, then during Christmas, you will find that your gift is different. It will not only make you have a good time with family or friends, but it also allows you to get affirmations or compliments from other people in your circle of friends. However, what kind of conferencing equipment should you choose? There are varieties of conferencing equipment available on the market, and which would be the most suitable product to select?

If the elderly at home speak loudly, it will attract the attention of those around them. Therefore, this is also why most people are reluctant to talk to the elderly at home, and the elderly are very easily injured if they cannot hear. So avoid this from happening in your own home. We can use the speakerphone with our family because the speakerphone can only ring when the family is talking to the elderly. Therefore, using a mobile phone to communicate with the elderly only requires a speakerphone. And the speakerphone can communicate loudly with family members.

A webcam allows the receiver to use it for work or video chat with you or your family. As for the speakerphones, they can use them to make phone calls or even be used as a speaker to play music.


1. EMEET SmartCam S600

The EMEET SmartCam S600 is a 4K Ultra HD Webcam, which has Ultra-high definition 4K resolution with a pro-grade sensor reproduces every detail, delivering lifelike, grain-free images. Also, it has two microphones with noise cancellation pickup naturally pure voice, cutting down the background noise and ensuring interaction flows smoothly.

2. EMEET SmartCam C980 Pro

The EMEET SmartCam C980 Pro is a All-in-one webcam with 1080P resolution, 4 noise-canceling microphones, and 2 loudspeakers. Also, it has a wide 90° FoV or shield the lens with the magnetic cover to protect your privacy.


1. EMEET OfficeCore M3

The EMEET OfficeCore M3 is a professional speakerphone that has full duplex, which keeps conversations flowing as they do in reality and ensures freedom of expression at any time.

2. EMEET OfficeCore M2 Max

The EMEET OfficeCore M2 Max is a dual way audio quality max professional speakerphone with highly-sensitive directional microphones enable 360° voice pickup, while a top-of-the-class sample rate of 48kHz ensures outstanding clarity and reality.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas traditions include Secret Santa. A Secret Santa is a person chosen randomly by a group of friends, family, or coworkers. To choose which gift to give to their chosen giftee, Secret Santas are given a wish list of gift ideas. After receiving their gift, the giftee has to guess who is their Secret Santa. A holiday classic where the anticipation of the gift is just as much fun as receiving it.

As Secret Santa is the Christmas tradition around the globe, many companies and schools keep the tradition. But sometimes it is challenging to buy a gift for someone you may not be close with and need to know the appropriate facility to buy for him/her. In this case, if you are buying a Secret Santa gift for office co workers purchasing something that they can use daily or something cost-effective but looks high-class is recommended. It would be creative Secret Santa ideas to purchase webcams.

Suggested Gifts

1. EMEET SmartCam C965

The EMEET SmartCam C965 is a smart camera with auto-focusing and full HD 1080P image, which delivers outstanding visual performance by providing crisp and vivid images and videos. Also, the 96° FoV accommodates several people in the view without squeezing each other.

2. EMEET SmartCam C950

The EMEET SmartCam C950 is a cost-effective, portable webcam with 1080P video output and a noise-canceling microphone. the 70° FoV ensures that you are always at the center of the frame.

3. EMEET SmartCam C970

The EMEET SmartCam C970 is a streaming webcam with 60 FPS, which is captured in high resolution and high frame rate.

4. EMEET SmartCam C970L

The EMEET SmartCam C970L is a streaming webcam with fill light. The standard function is similar to the C970, but the C970L has 3-level adjustable fill light and helps present the best of you in front of the lens.


Stop buying some very ordinary products at Christmas time. Many people's life and work patterns have changed in this technological era. We should consider what gifts can be helpful to them. Selecting high-quality conferencing equipment would help them in their career, and you can also conduct telecommunication with your friends and family.

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