EMEET C980 Pro Review (Webcam with speakers)


 Author: Techscrew Home


If you are looking for a USB webcam that has a microphone and speaker, this is an incredible webcam at an awesome price! I have tested it in  various different situation. Very cool.

Main Features

  • Webcam with 4 Mics and 2 speakers

  • Lower Power Consumption (only 1.25w)

  • 1080P Full HD video

  • The 90 degree field of view (FOV)

  • Auto Light Correction

  • Fixed Focus

    Constant, ultra-wide focus everything between 1.97-197 inches

  • Privacy cover over the lens

  • High apps compatibility

  • EMEETLINK Software for manual presets


EMEET C980 Pro

C980 Pro is a one-stop webcam distinctively equipped with built-in 4 professional microphones and 2 speakers. Chip-level low-power tech ensures its stability under multiple scenarios.

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