5 Best Bluetooth and USB Speakerphones for 2022

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Whether you're working from your comfortable home office or you've already headed back to the office, no matter the trends of remote work or office-based work models, one thing remains the same: the frequency of meeting calls. The way we work has shifted a lot in the past decades due to the development of technology and the pandemic as well, leading accordingly to the alteration of how teammates collaborate with each other, for example, from close-up face-to-face to remote meeting calls.

Most of the time, it is impractical to put a cell phone on the conference room table when having online meetings, in which some need help to hear and be heard clearly. The same goes for your home office, where there might be various interruptions, such as noise from your child or neighborhood that lessens the quality of your call. The solution undoubtedly goes to investing in the right speakerphones that make huge differences based on your needs. Thus, here we've compiled a list of speakerphones most favored by our customers in 2022 that are suitable for conference rooms, home offices, and on-the-go workers.

Best Speakerphone for Conference Rooms

USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone EMEET OfficeCore M2 Max

If you frequently run meeting calls with tens of participants in conference rooms, you'll probably need a powerful speakerphone that enables every attendee to hear and be heard clearly. Then the M2 Max would definitely be the best fit for it.

One of the headaches of conference calls with more participants must be the audio quality because not all participants can sit beside the device and hear their voices. For example, the other end might need to learn who they're talking to after carefully listening to your passionate speech, thanks to the sound distortion. However, with an industry-leading sampling rate of 48kHz capable of reproducing voice with high definition, the M2 Max fixes that in just a breeze. Besides the 4 sensitive microphones that enable 360° voice pickup to 5 meters, it also features a unique and exclusive technology called a suspended cavity. Which effectively filters out the vibration noise led by the heavily tapped keyboard by others or the movement of the table, let alone the well-performed DSP algorithm VoiceIA that works wonders in terms of noise cancellation, echo elimination and enabling full duplex.

Other features, such as the user-friendly ring light that denotes the direction of the incoming voice, perfectly solve the problem of not knowing whether someone's voice is picked up by merely glancing at it. With the capabilities of Daisy Chain connection, the extra plug-and-play convenience, and the features above, it is no surprise that M2 Max is the most favored one for conference rooms by our customers.

Best Speakerphones for Home Office

USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone: EMEET OfficeCore M3

If you're tired of wearing headsets when working from home and are planning to look for a capable speakerphone that also serves fairly for entertainment in your home office, then the M3 is a highly-recommended choice.

This 2022 Red Dot product design winner is equipped with EMEET's latest DSP algorithm VoiceIA 4.1, for optimized noise cancellation, ensuring your voice comes across clearly without background noise. Whether your children are crying endlessly in the living room, the hustle and bustle from your neighborhood or the street outside are blurring your voice annoyingly, M3 can deal with that efficiently. Also, M3 supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity for 2 devices simultaneously. Together with the auto-switch between conference mode and music mode, it perfectly fits for entertainment rather than strictly confined to work. Its stylish design also makes it a highlight in your study.

USB Speakerphone: EMEET OfficeCore M1A

This budget-friendly USB speakerphone M1A is definitely a suitable alternative if you're temporarily limited by a tight budget but are also in need of a speakerphone that meets basic needs in your home office.

This tiny speakerphone will gladly serve you well if you prefer wired connectivity. So far, it is the smallest speakerphone available on EMEET, which takes up little space on your desk with a mere 112mm diameter. Featuring 2 Omni-directional microphones, M1A picks up the voice with high clarity during your calls and cancels out noise effectively with the intelligent audio processing algorithm. It is also certified by Zoom; thus, you can ultimately be at ease with its guaranteed quality.

Best Speakerphones for on-the-Go Workers

USB/Bluetooth Speakerphone: EMEET OfficeCore Luna

EMEET OfficeCore Luna has always been a craving by our customers, not only for its comprehensive functions at an affordable price but also for its portable and stylish outlook. Designed for work from anywhere, Luna only takes up little space either on the table or in your bag with a mere 120mm diameter so that you can easily carry it away with you and hold meetings in your business travel everywhere. Except for that, there're various hookup options for quick-and-easy setup ranging from USB, Bluetooth, or Dongle that comes with a convenient slot at the bottom.

USB Speakerphone: EMEET OfficeCore M0

Likewise, we also provide an alternative with a USB version, which is the EMEET OfficeCore M0. You can't imagine its audio performance simply by judging from its tiny appearance. It is enough to accommodate several attendees in a huddle room with its 4 powerful AI microphones and noise-cancelling capabilities if not being used personally in you business travel. Since it does not support Bluetooth connectivity and is powered by a USB cable, there's no need to worry about a shortage of battery. You can just leave the speakerphone connected to your PC via a reliable USB cable. The plug-and-play convenience requires no extra drivers and manual powering on either.


A high-quality and well-chosen device saves your worries at work, allowing you to do more with less. You'll need one to collaborate with others and get your work done more efficiently without missing anything that matters.

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