How To Livestream On Facebook?

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People and businesses are engaging with their audiences through live streaming on social media with the rise of social media. Facebook Live, in particular, has grown in popularity as a tool for individuals and businesses to connect with their followers in real time. This blog post will discuss how to live stream on Facebook and explore the tools available to enhance the live-streaming experience.

How to Stream Facebook using a Phone

1. Open your Facebook app on your mobile phone and navigate to your profile or page where you want to go live.

2. Tap the "Live" button located at the top of the status update section.

3. Give Facebook permission to access your camera and microphone.

4. Write a compelling description of your live stream and choose who can see it.

5. Tap the "Start Live Video" button to begin your live stream.

6. Once you're done, tap the "Finish" button to end your live stream.

How to Live Stream on Facebook Using PC

1. Log in to Your Facebook Account

First step is to log in to your Facebook account. If you don't have one, you'll need to create one before you can start live streaming. Once you're logged in, navigate to your profile page.

2. Click on the "Live" Button

On your profile page, you'll see a "Live" button. Click on it to start the process of setting up your live stream.

3. Choose Your Privacy Settings

Before you can start live streaming, you'll need to choose your privacy settings. You can choose to make your live stream public, meaning anyone on Facebook can view it, or you can limit your audience to friends or specific groups.

4. Set Up Your Livestream

Next, you'll need to set up your live stream. Facebook will prompt you to choose your camera, microphone settings, and streaming resolution. Once you've selected it, you can add a title and description for your live stream.

5. Go Live!

Finally, it's time to go live! When you're ready, click the "Go Live" button to start your broadcast. Facebook will give you a countdown before your live stream begins.

Tools For Live-Stream Interaction

Facebook Live also offers some interactive tools that allow you to interact with your viewers in real-time. These tools include:

Comments: Viewers can leave comments during the live broadcast, and you can choose to show them on the live screen or hide them.

Likes: Viewers can give likes during the live broadcast, and these likes will be displayed on the live broadcast screen.

Gifts: Viewers can send you gifts through Facebook's gift feature, and these gifts can be used to increase your income.

Surveys: You can add survey questions to your live broadcast to engage viewers.

Q&A: You can answer audience questions during your live broadcast to increase interaction and engagement.

FAQ On Facebook Live

1. What kind of internet connection do I need to go live on Facebook?

It would help if you had a high-speed and stable internet connection for seamless streaming. An upload speed of at least 5 Mbps is recommended.

2. What features can I use with Facebook Live?

Facebook Live features include live interactions, gifts, stickers, filters, screen sharing, replays, and live comments.

3. Can I make money on Facebook Live?

Yes, Facebook Live offers users an opportunity to earn money. You can make money by selling merchandise live, accepting donations from viewers, or featuring your brand in ads.

4. Can you save a Facebook Live video?

Yes, you have the option to save your Facebook Live on your profile page so viewers can re-watch it after it's over.


In conclusion, Facebook Live is becoming a popular way for businesses and individuals to connect with their audiences. To start live streaming on Facebook using a mobile phone, users can open the Facebook app, navigate to their profile or page, and tap the "Live" button. For live streaming on a computer, users must log in to their Facebook account, navigate to their profile page, and click the "Live" button. Facebook Live also offers interactive tools such as comments, likes, gifts, surveys, and Q&A to engage viewers during the live stream. A high-speed and stable internet connection is recommended for seamless streaming. Users can make money on Facebook Live by selling merchandise, accepting donations, or featuring their brand in ads. Lastly, users can save their Facebook Live on their profile page for viewers to re-watch after it's over.

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