Importance of Facial Expressions In Communication

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One of the fundamental ways humans communicate is through expressions. As part of communication, facial expressions are also a meaningful way to convey emotion. Facial expression is mainly based on vision, which is an individual's response to external stimuli. These include eyes, eyebrows, mouth, etc. Different people have different facial expressions on other occasions. In the process of communication, people's happiness, anger, surprise, and disgust in various social activities will be expressed on their faces. This is a kind of A kind of "mental activity". As the primary means of expression in interpersonal communication, facial expressions also have the following functions:

1. Express emotion

In the communication process, people's facial expressions will reflect the feelings of both parties and thus become a meaningful way to communicate the psychological distance between the two parties. But others believe that facial expressions can only convey information that others do not say. We must study how to use facial expressions in appropriate situations. Facial expressions can get many messages, such as: smiling for friendliness, anger, surprise, and crying for sadness. The most crucial point is: when we see a person's facial expression, we can initially judge the other person's mood. Psychologists have found that people's emotional changes are mainly transmitted through facial expressions because when people feel happy, joyful, or moved, they unconsciously take corresponding actions to express them. So by observing the other person's facial expressions and body language, you can get a general idea of whether the other person is happy.

2. Express yourself

There will be many happy expressions when a person is in a happy mood. Otherwise, there will be no happy expressions. This is because we can feel the various emotions that arise within us. However, not everyone can accurately express their inner feelings. This requires us to learn to observe the expressions of others. Observation is an essential learning tool. By observing other people's expressions, you can understand what they are thinking, what they hope, etc. Plus, observing can give you insight into your moods and feelings. For example, when a person is very angry, he will show angry expressions; when he is happy, he will show satisfaction and other expressions. Studies have shown that: under normal circumstances, when people make expressions such as happiness or anger, the degree of expression of facial muscles is often much more substantial than we imagined!

3. Express your attitude

The famous American sociologist Homans once defined attitude like this: "Attitude is the sum of information that a person holds about others and himself." To a certain extent, people's attitudes can be expressed through facial expressions. People hope that others are respectful and friendly to themselves, so observing a person's attitude from facial expressions can help us understand him better. For example, after someone expresses an opinion, we can see his approval and approval of the opinion from the other party's expression. By analyzing this emotional information, we can better judge whether a person is worthy of trust and communication. In daily life, we can judge whether other people are interested in you, trust you, etc., by observing their facial expressions. It is a relatively simple and effective way to understand each other through facial expressions.

4. Express needs

Expression is a way for an individual to express his needs. If the individual's needs are not met, he will show negative emotions such as anger, sadness and pain. Facial expression is a unique psychological phenomenon of human beings, which makes human beings more accurate in expressing their emotions. The reason why facial expressions can express these emotions is because it can satisfy people's specific needs. Therefore, if a person wants to be recognized, understood and respected by others, he must pay attention to his expression. Especially when interacting with others, when you don't want to do something or express a particular need, you often express it through facial expressions. Therefore, a person must form the habit of paying attention to his facial expressions in life, which is not only conducive to better communication with people but also helpful to establish good interpersonal relationships.

Importance of Reading Facial Expression in Online Meetings

1. Communication efficiency: Reading facial expressions can help participants better understand the meaning of the speaker, thereby improving communication efficiency. By understanding facial expressions, attendees can better understand a speaker's views and thoughts and act accordingly.

2. Enhance trust: By reading facial expressions, attendees can better understand the character and personality of the speaker, thereby increasing confidence in the speaker. This is very important for online conferences, which often require participants to trust the speaker more.

3. Increase interaction: By reading facial expressions, attendees can better understand the speaker's point of view and ideas, thereby increasing interaction.

The Importance of Clear Video in Remote Communication

Remote communication has become increasingly common, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While remote communication has many benefits, such as increased flexibility and convenience, it can also present challenges. One of these challenges is the difficulty of reading and interpreting facial expressions through video conferencing.

When video quality is poor, facial expressions can be difficult to see, which can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications. This is where products like the eMeet Meeting Capsule and eMeet SmartCam C980 Pro can be especially helpful.

EMEET Meeting Capsule - 360° Conferencing Camera

The eMeet Meeting Capsule is a portable video conferencing device that can be used for remote meetings, webinars, and other professional settings. It features a 360-degree camera, four microphones, and a speaker, making it ideal for group meetings. The device is also equipped with advanced noise reduction technology, which helps to minimize background noise and ensure clear audio.

EMEET SmartCam C980 Pro - 1080p Webcam

Similarly, the eMeet SmartCam C980 Pro is a high-definition webcam that is ideal for remote communication. It features a 4K camera that delivers crystal-clear video, making it easy to read and interpret facial expressions. The device also features automatic light correction, which adjusts the lighting to ensure that the person on camera is always visible.

Both of these products can help to enhance the clarity of remote communication, making it easier to read and interpret facial expressions. This can lead to more effective communication and better outcomes


In summary, reading facial expressions in online meetings is important because it can improve communication efficiency, enhance trust, increase interaction, and understand others. People don't notice the complex and subtle expressions on our faces when communicating. So we must learn to read the emotional information behind our facial expressions. The reason people like to hide their genuine emotions is that they fear that they will hurt others. However, real emotions are not faked but naturally revealed from the heart. So instead of using facial expressions to hide our true emotions, we need to learn to read facial expressions correctly in communication.

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