Light Up Your Online Live-Stream With EMEET StreamCam One!

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Welcome to the world of EMEET! We are thrilled to introduce our latest product - the EMEET StreamCam One, a revolutionary wireless network camera designed to meet your high-quality audio and video needs. We are proud to present the StreamCam One, which is our first-ever self-created streaming camera, now available for personal and enterprise users.

We are excited to bring you a high-quality streaming experience with the StreamCam One, which has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The camera features a Sony 1/2.8 sensor, HDR support, and 1080P30FPS, providing clear and smooth images. The camera is portable, lightweight, and has a large capacity 8-hour battery that enables it to support long hours of live streaming. Additionally, it can connect to three devices simultaneously, offering diversified viewing angles to meet all your professional live-streaming needs.

We take pride in offering you tremendous quality effects with our outstanding image quality, using Sony 1/2.8" sensor and mainstream 1080P30FPS, supporting HDR video and photo shooting. Our magnetic Bluetooth portable microphone is able to pick up audio up to 10 metres away from the camera. Our StreamCam One has other unique features, such as the ability to link three identical devices, customizable editing, and support for various storage specifications such as micro-SD cards or local storage.

We believe that our StreamCam One is an affordable professional tool for everyone, catering to the market demand for high-quality network cameras for live streaming. Compared to other live-streaming cameras on the market, our StreamCam One has a very reasonable price and meets the demand for high-quality, ultra-crystal-clear audio and video effects.

Our EMEETSTREAM application, a free app that supports one-click streaming, AI director, customizable editing, and more, makes it easy for you to stream live content to multiple platforms simultaneously. With just a click on the button on the EMEETSTREAM application, the app will automatically push your stream to four different platforms. You can also record every moment using the StreamCam One, which supports various storage specifications, including a micro SD card or local storage.

We are excited to offer the StreamCam One to anyone looking to create a professional stream for their audience, even if you are a beginner. Our camera is perfect for anyone looking to stream easily without sacrificing quality. EMEET's customer support team is always ready to help solve any problems, and we insist on 100% control over the product production chain, ensuring user quality assurance.

The EMEET StreamCam One is a revolutionary wireless network camera suitable for a wide range of applications. It is universally compatible with platforms that support RTMP protocol, such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Zoom, Teams, and more, providing versatility and friendliness to content creators, live streamers, or any users who require a better audio and visual experience. If you need a high-quality wireless network camera, the StreamCam One is worth considering. Thank you for choosing EMEET, and we hope you enjoy our StreamCam One!

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