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EMEET GeniusCall HS100

HS100 is a professional conference headset with smart noise cancellation and ambient sound adjustment.

  • Ultra HD sound pickup

    Four noise-canceling microphone arrays can accurately pick up your voice, which is clearer than ordinary PC headsets with only two or less microphones in various conference scenarios;With VoiceIA® patented algorithm, it can filter various background noises and transmit clear sound effectively.
  • Three Modes Switch

    Whether you concentrate on meetings or surroundings, press ambient sound button to switch easily.Lift the handle to unmute, while put down the handle to mute for covering our privacy easily.
  • Strong Noise Cancellation & Comfortable Wearing

    The headsets, designed with high-protein earmuffs, is able to proof external noise fully;at the same time, different from traditional headsets, memory foam earpads and ultra-soft materials could reduce the pressure on the ears, which offers you a more comfortable wearing experience during long-time meetings.
  • Multiple Connectivity

    Use 5.0 Bluetooth, USB Dongle or USB cable to connect the headset to a laptop, a desktop, a tablet or mobile phone;supports Bluetooth dual connection, you can connect two devices at the same time, and will not miss any important calls during a meeting.
  • 24-Hour Battery Life

    Up to 24-hour battery life ensures you're always ready for meetings without any concerns.In response to emergency meetings, only charge for just 15 minutes for a 4-hour boost. Fast charger offers your good meeting experience.
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Bluetooth Headset | EMEET HS100

EMEET GeniusCall HS100

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Bluetooth Headset | EMEET HS100

 3 Modes Can be Switched at Will

The focus mode could eliminate ambient sound, allowing you to concentrate more on work; Be afraid of missing outside information? Turn on the ambient sound button to hear the sounds around you; Wanna protect your privacy during the meeting? Just lift the handle to mute and press it to unmute. During the meeting, three modes can be switched at your choice, meeting your various needs during the meeting.
3 Modes can Be Switched | EMEET HS100

 Free Your Ears

Powerful noise-canceling headphones may compress your head and ears, while wearing comfortable headphones cannot reduce noise effectively? The perfect solution is there: The headsets, designed with high-protein earmuffs, is able to isolate external noise fully; At the same time, the memory foam earpads and ultra-soft material design could reduce the pressure on the ears, thus it is comfortable for attendees to wear for a long-time meeting.
Comfortable Headphones | EMEET HS100

 Multiple Connectivity Ways

Wanna answer the phone during the meeting, but afraid of leaking privacy? Here is a solution: The headset supports Bluetooth dual connection, and can connect two devices at the same time. When the phone dials in, the conference will be automatically muted, and you can continue the conference after you hang up. In this way, you won't miss any important calls.
Multiple Connection | EMEET HS100

 Strong Compatibility

HS100 is compatible with the major communication App, such as Skype, Microsoft Lync, Google Hangout, Google Voice, Avaya, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, etc.*Press to respond to the pick up/hang up function of Skype for Business
High Compatibility | EMEET HS100

 24-Hour Battery Life

Worry about the low battery when using earphones for a long time? No need to worry from now on: 24-hour battery life ensures you're always ready for meetings. Don’t be nervous when the power of the headset is low during an emergency meeting because a fast charger guarantees your meeting experience. Simply charge for 15 minutes but can enjoy 4 hours boost.
Long-lasting Battery | EMEET HS100


1.What is smart wear detection?

Play music

Take off the headset when listening to music, playing music will be paused automatically.

Put the headset back on, music will automatically resume.

Make calls

When there is an incoming call, take off the headset, the call will be automatically answered.

2.How to use the device to make calls?

This function can be used on telephone communication and Skype for business when the device is connected to your mobile/computer.

Use the multi-function button during a callShort press the button to answer and hang up calls.

Long press the button for 3 seconds to reject calls.

Double click the button of the device to call back.How to mute the microphone of the device?

Rotate the mic boom

Rotate the mic boom upwards, the microphone will be muted.Rotate the mic boom downwards, the microphone will be unmuted.

And the device will broadcast the "mute/unmute" prompt tone to remind you.

Pressing the mute button

Short press this button to mute the device, unmute it by pressing this button again.

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